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In our technology driven era, professional, easy to use, well designed, highly visible websites have become more important than newspaper, radio, yellow page and billboard ads combined. If you own a business, or are thinking of starting a business, having a good website should be a priority! Besides letting people know that you are open and ready for business, your website serves as the first point of contact between you and many of those looking for your product/service. This is especially true if potential customers, find your site through performing a web search. Your website will be the first impression given to potential customers, who can often be persuaded to buy your product/service based on the ‘quality’ of your website. It is here, that Webphotographix can truly help!

Successful website design creates interest, inspires trust and confidence, and leaves your viewer with no questions as to the professionalism and authenticity of your company.  Webphotographix can give your business, a strong online presence, that is at once attractive, unique, functional, easy to navigate, gives consumers convenient access to your goods, products or service, and reflects the style of your company.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Webphotographix is a freelance visual communication company offering creative yet affordable website design and development solutions, database and ecommerce design, web promotional advertising and interactive media. Our core clientele is made up mainly of entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profit organizations, minority businesses, talented individuals, mid-size businesses, and small departments inside larger fortune 500 companies. As a freelance design company, our clients come from all walks of life, and from a diverse array of industries including the automotive, finance, education, real-estate, furniture, religious, clothing, retail and service industries. Whatever your web design and website development needs, when you hire Webphotographix, you receive an experienced, technically and creatively skilled, reliable, professional, who is ready to work with you to provide interactive media solutions, that will make your business a success!

Webphotographix offers website design and layout, web development, and web programming solutions to fit your every need. Whether you require a simple, low-budget 3-4 page static website with a simple contact form or a high-end ecommerce site with secure login access, shopping cart, shipping and credit card payment/acceptance functionality, Webhotographix provides the right solution, at the right price. Our websites are attractive, user-friendly, cross-browser compatible, fast-loading, easy to navigate and web compliant! Our websites attract your target market, and add value of your startup, small business, non-profit organization and corporate enterprise. From simple contact forms to elaborate, awe-inspiring slideshows and photo galleries, Webhotographix will work with you to make your website a pleasant and frustration-free, browsing experience for your customers.

Whether you are in need of a new website or website re-design, Webphotographix offers well-designed, affordable web solutions that ensure your business gets noticed and generates tangible growth in revenue. We help you manage all aspects of your web presence for a total "one stop" web solution.

Webphotographix website packages are designed to get your business online quickly. We work with our clients, to create websites that are visually pleasing, user-friendly, functional and most importantly, specifically tailored to their business. Our web solutions include website design, interactivity, graphic design, hosting, web development, web promotion, maintenance and domain name registration.


Still Think Your Business Can Survive without the Internet

when your online competition has access to over 80,000 more customers than you?

Don’t get left behind! Webphotographix offers web design & development packages to get your business online quickly, and give consumers convenient access to your products, goods and service. We provide the following services below.


Experienced guidance is just as important as producing functional design with a strong, visual presense. Whether you are looking to have a new website created, or looking to revamp your old site and create a strong online presence, Wephotographix will provide FREE consultation and advice in our quest to see you obtain the best results possible.



Create a strong web presence for your company, product / service, customized to reflect the look and feel of your brand identity. Website design and redesign services include web consultation, modern, web page layout design, custom graphics; web photography, easy to use navigation systems, email and contact forms. Dependent on your needs, we can develop web solutions that include rotational web banner ads, web content writing; dynamic flash introductions and interactivity, slideshows, product/portfolio photo galleries and web promotions.



We offer a series of web advertising services including but not limited to the creation of web intros, banner ads, rollover ads, rotational banners, flash intros and  interactive ads, animated gifs, power-point presentations, and streaming video.


Domain Name Acquisition

Search, research, secure and register matching, or closely matching .com, .net or .org domain names for your organization, start-up or small business.


depending on your needs, we can build an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to conveniently update content from your own computer. We will train you on using the Content Management System, so that you can make future updates (product/category/personnel listings, include/change events on your website’s event calendar, insert product photos and change prices, etc, so that you may keep your site up-to-date consistently and timely. However, If you desire, we are also available to perform this function, which will keep your site current.



Provide Internet hosting services which allows individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible via the World Wide Web. Web space on a server will be provided according to the size of your site and website expansion needs



As a companion to your business website, we set up email acconts using your personalized website domain name. This allows you to receive and send email, schedule appointments, chat, share updates and send invoices, schedule appointments, and collaborate with your customers/ clients.


Get serious about your business! Get the website you need to succeed!


Webphotographix offers web development solutions to suit every budget, as well as many custom web design, programming, scripting and interactive media options.

Get in touch with a Webphotographix representative today for all your website design and development needs!