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Attract new customers!

Still think you can effectively design a brochure using Microsoft Word

or the free templates that came with your printer? ...Think again!


A brochure is one of the most common marketing tools that a business can use to present its self, products and services, and so, should never take the form of a makeshift photocopy or generic template. A brochure is a small booklet or pamphlet, often containing product information or promotional material. It is used to create a memorable impression and attract new customers.

Webphotographix understands that success in business starts with effective communication tools. That is why we provide you with professional brochure/ catalog design solutions, specifically tailored to suit your needs. To aid in getting your message across in a professional, visually appealing and memorable way, Webphotographix provides ‘professional’ photos from our ‘already existing’ stock photo library, at no extra charge.  However, if there are specific photos that you would prefer to use in your project, feel free to provide them; or, as an additional service, we can shoot one of a kind, alternative client-specific photos, or locate alternative photos from external source libraries, for an added fee.

Get started now! Provide us with the written content of your brochure, your thoughts and ideas. Let us know if your company has a specific look and feel in mind, and we will make your visions a reality! We will provide you with a unique brochure, catalog or collateral piece that sets your business apart while inspiring credibility and trust from your target audience, through informative, visually appealing, professionally designed material. Webphotographix offers several design packages for your brochure. Prices are based on the number of pages and complexity of the design required. For more information, visit our pricing page to see what is included in each package. If you require more (or less) of something than what you see there, we can customize a solution just for you.

Reasons Why You Need a Brochure
  • Create brand awareness: inform and educate the public about your company, products, services and existence in the market place.
  • Offer your specified target group of customers a reason to consider buying your products and services.
  • Highlight the strengths of your organization and the value and advantages of choosing your product/ services. Convince your potential customer why they should choose you over the competition.

  • Use your brochure as a direct marketing tool for promoting your business at Networking Functions and Trade Shows.
  • Advertise your business and gain referrals. Leave clients, customers, potential customers and investors with a visual reminder of who you are and what you can do for them.
  • Tap into your customers’ emotions and thoughts and meet their needs. Give them a better alternative to the competition.
  • Attract new customers: Expand your target market and help buyers contact you for products and services.

Make a great impression now with a visually appealing, custom, designed brochure from Webphotographix, that easily surpasse the level of quality found in templated, homemade design. Effectively get your message across and impress your customers by contacting us today!
Let Webphotographix do the work for you.