Imaging, Configuration, Deployment and Installation Services

Innovative Solutions

Xtek Partners offers imaging and configuration services for new devices. Simply provide Xtek Partners a reference machine, ship your order to our warehouse, and we will deliver them ready for immediate deployment in your environment at minimal additional cost. See what Xtek can do for your deployment’s ROI.


Xtek Partners’ technical team creates unique software profiles (or images) for end users based on their specific technology needs. This includes creating standard/static images and custom operating system settings for each end user.


Xtek Partners’s team of technicians makes it easy to manage large hardware deployments. Xtek ensures that all systems are configured identically, from hardware and OS settings to application versions. Reducing complexity, and simplifying the task of your IT staff.

Xtek Partners provides the following hardware configuration services for desktop PC’s, notebooks, and printers:

  • Memory
  • Hard drives
  • ROM drives
  • Video cards

Xtek Partners’ technical team can also simplify the deployment process by installing operating system software and applications prior to shipping.

Operating System Migration

Xtek Partners will work with your IT department to seamlessly upgrade systems and migrate data. Xtek minimizes the impact of change by taking the time to understand how your organization’s staff and external customers interface with your technology, then developing a plan to smoothly transition to new systems.

Operating system migration includes the following steps:

  • Backup and Consolidation of existing User Data
  • Installation of the new Operating System on new Hardware
  • Installation of Applications
  • Restoration of User Data
  • Training to familiarize Users with the new Operating System (OS environment)

The end user experience is often the most overlooked component of operating system migration – which can cause resistance among users, resulting in an extension of the migration process. As such, Xtek Partners places great importance on to fully understanding how the staff uses the existing operating system when building the migration plan, so as to ensure success.



Imaging, rollouts, operating system setup, software load, hardware add-ons


Hardware installation, bench testing and burn in, basic network OS setup

Rack Assembly

Server racks fully pre-assembled with server, trays, switches, PDU and wiring


Router/switch memory, cards and IOS installations and upgrades. Configurations loaded.


Installation and testing of memory, adapter cards and hard drives

Asset Tag

Full asset tagging, tracking and custom tag creation


Customized rollout management and destination execution.


By avoiding issues and speeding up recovery, Xtek reduces the total cost of owning your network. CALL 614-334-3150 OR 1-866-720-9835 for a FREE SITE EVALUATION!

Staging and Kitting

Xtek Partners’ staging and kitting services include asset tagging, group shipping, and on-time delivery scheduling.

Materials Kitting

As hardware is requested by customers or scheduled for deployment to end users, Xtek Partners’ team provides full kitting services to limit the amount of time IT staff spend setting up computers.

The process involves pulling all of the pre-specified items—laptops, monitors, docking stations,laptop bags, power cords, etc.—needed for a designated end user and packing them in one shipment. All components are safely packed in a customized box along with device labels that include the shipment’s scheduled deployment date and the end user’s name, and/or location. That way, Xtek Partners’ customers know exactly what to do with the units upon arrival.

Order Staging

Due to storage times, work schedules, or other factors, it’s not always practical for a single device to arrive at a job site. Xtek Partners’ process ensures that individually separate—but related—items are grouped, packaged, and supplied together as one shipment. Our custom order staging provides customers with a single point of contact for expediting and scheduling material and also includes shipping to multiple locations.

Asset Tagging

Xtek Partners offers asset tag capabilities with open design based on customers’ internal process needs. Some of the fields available to encode include:

  • Company Name and Logo
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number (Text or Barcode)
  • MAC Address
  • Aircard Reader
  • Lease or Purchase Data
  • Warranty Start and End Dates
  • Helpdesk Phone Number
  • Other fixed text

Configuration Services

When looking to upgrade your organization’s desktop and laptop hardware, it’s important to consider a migration plan and new technologies that will make the operating system migration easier.


Xtek can install key components including memory, hard drives, ROM drives, NIC cards, modems, video cards, and other peripherals into your desktops, laptops, mobile carts.


Xtek can install operating system software and applications—custom configruations


Xtek’s technicians can rack, stack and configure your network equipment, including servers, blade servers, routers, switches, and cabling.


Xtek can preload your custom images onto your systems so that all personal settings, software, and hardware are ready for deployment.


Xtek can activate wireless devices in laptops prior to shipping.


Xtek can asset tag your devices with existing asset tags or work with your organization on purchasing new tags.