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May 11, 2004 changed my life forever when my 36 year old daughter, Tiffany died as a probable result of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – a blood clot.

Days after her untimely and unexpected death, I searched the internet frantically looking for answers: Who could I talk to? How could such a thing happen? What symptoms should we have seen? How could Tiffany’s death have been prevented? Where does a grieving mother turn for support?

As days turned into weeks, God sent an angel, by way of Mayo Clinic. Patrick Stewart tried to help me make sense of the tragedy. He told me of the many blood clot fatalities occurring each year. Yet, he knew of no national organizations or support groups addressing DVT.

I heard him, but I wasn’t listening. One thing I did know for sure though, I didn’t want another family to go through what our family had just experienced. The loss of such a vibrant, loving and beautiful life!

Two weeks after Tiffany’s death, my father was taken to the hospital with unidentified bleeding. Dad was given two pints of blood. As my research continued, I discovered that after a blood transfusion, if the blood given to a patient didn’t mix and match the recipient’s blood, it could cause serious complications. I took the article to my father and explained, if he experienced any of the symptoms listed, let someone know immediately. “Janet my leg hurts really bad,” Dad said. He pulled up his pants leg and his ankle appeared to be swollen the size of a baby elephant’s ankle. My sisters and I took him to the hospital. After thorough examination, the doctor told us, Dad made it just in time. There was a blood clot lodged near his heart cavity, and another traveling to his lung!

Even as I reflect on past years, I remember my mother being rushed back to the hospital a week after her release due to complications from a blood clot. Fortunately, my parents survived the deadly grip of this silent killer –– my daughter didn’t!

As more and more stories began to unfold about people being diagnosed and dying of blood clots, May 2005, I finally heard and received Patrick’s observation and accepted my charge to do something to make a difference.

Project Tiffany was established April 2006 to advance the education, support and advocacy of deep vein thrombosis (DVT);
as well as increase the life chances for those with the condition.

When I put things in perspective, blood clots are much like the adversary. What does the adversary do,
he’s sneaky, and he comes to kill, steal and destroy! But I got a news flash –
Not again – not on my watch!!!

I encourage you to read on. Be informed!
Research your family's health history.
You and your loved ones' lives could depend on it!

Join us in speading the word about this deadly condition
and Stop DVT in its Tracks Now!