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Theoretically, you are ‘the boss: the landlord, the owner and person in charge. So why are you still having problems with tenants not paying their rent; tenants continuously making late payments; tenants playing their music too loudly? Why put up with loitering, insecure premises; tresspassing; inadequate security, incomplete work orders, poor housekeeping and neglect?
Let the Investors Realty Group and Consultants provide you the answers to all these questions, and help you to implement the most effective solutions.
We have been in the business of property management for over twenty years. Our goal is to help owners by providing the right management tools. Whether you need assistance with tenants, book-keeping, real-estate contract negotiation, qualifying buyers, selling your house or even locating rental assistance programs, we are here to help. Enjoy the profits, while Investors Realty Group and Consultants work for you!
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Perform Credit checks
Process tenant applications
Verify income and employment

Quarterly inspections
Prepare lease agreements
Identify late fee and NSF fees
Explain rules and regulations
Identify the number of occupants per   unit

Handle and assign work orders
Prepare apartments for showing
Maintain and show apartments
Perform ‘open house’

Maintain rents rolls
Maintain payroll records
Track security deposits and refunds


Send warning notices
Distribute 5-day notices
Assess property damage fees.

Outreach with alderman/ commissioners
Locate rental assistance programs.
Maintain and show apartments
Organize security teams


Legal and financing network
Market and income analysis
Multiple Listing Services
Contract negotiations
Qualify buyers